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Is one allowed to feed a fish on Shabbos?


One may make give them food, even if they are not the owner of the fish, provided they are owned by Jews. This applies to all animals which are dependent on people for their food (like pets), except for pigs. However, there are those who write that animals, particularly fish, which are fed once a day should preferably be fed right before Shabbos. Of course, if one forgot it would be permissible to feed them even on Shabbos.

One may not feed animals which get their food on their own (except for a non barking dog, even if it’s a stray ownerless dog) unless they can’t find food. In the case where someone is getting rid of their own food, they may as well give it to the animal. Some however are particular to give a animal owned by a non Jew.



שוע”ר סי’ שכ”ד ס”ז כשמזונותיו עליו. וכל אדם רשאי – ביה”ל ד”ה ויוני. וראה גם תהל”ד סקי”ד. ושם בבה”ל כיון שהם של ישראל. וכ״כ בשלחן שלמה להגרשז״א ה.

דגים – עיין באר משה חלק ב סכ”ח.

כלב – מג״א ז. אדה״ז שם. אבל לא כלב רע – משנ״ב לא.

חזיר – מג״א ו. אדה״ז שם.

כשרעבים ואין להם מושיע – ראה ערוך השולחן סעיף ב. תהל”ד שם. וכשמשליך בלאו הכי – עיין בא”א בוטשאטש שם.




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