Question Regarding Torah-Themed Pamphlets



I know that Seforim should not be laid upside-down—does the same apply for Pamphlets containing Torah (for example, “L’chaim,” “Sichat Hashavua,” and weekly-Parsha booklets printed in 770 for Krias Hatorah)?



The issue here is one of respect for Kedusha. Laying a Sefer upside-down indicates a lack of respect for the contents written inside it.

Therefore, being that most pamphlets (like the above mentioned) can be read from either side, there is no concern over their being placed “upside-down” (as they have no “downside”).

In addition, one may be lenient even when the pamphlets have a clear front and back (as long as they have yet to be read from, or, they are piled in such a way that turning-over each pamphlet would be difficult). 



רמ”א יו”ד סי’ רפ”ב ס”ה.

כשצד השני של הספר הוא גם דף האחרון אינו מקרי הפוך. ופשוט. 

ראה ספר גנזי קודש פרק ב’ סכ”ד-כ”ה ובסכ”ז בנוגע למחברת. שו”ת אבני ישפה ח”ג סי’ צ”ד.