Am I allowed to make a prune icy on Shabbos?



Am I allowed to make a prune icy on Shabbos to help a 2-year old with bowel movement? The child would not drink the prune juice by itself.



It is permitted to freeze ice cubes or ices on Shabbos when necessary, but it is recommended to do so before Shabbos wherever possible. You should only freeze the amount that you are going to use on Shabbos.

Regarding taking prune juice (or ices) or other drinks on Shabbos to induce bowel movement, as a general rule, this should not be done on Shabbos unless in great pain or concern for danger.


See here for a brief discussion on the topic of making ice cubes on Shabbos:

Article: May I Make Ice Cubes on Shabbos?



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