When we say two Perokim of Pirkei Avos do we say “Kol yisroel” and “Rabi Chananya Ben Akashya” twice?


The Rebbe asked this question several times but left it unresolved. At times, the Rebbe “tilted” towards one direction, sometimes to say it only once and sometimes twice, but ultimately there’s no definite resolution.



See Sefer HaSichos 5750 (vol. 2, p. 681, fn. 104); Sefer HaSichos 5751 (p. 797, fn. 15);

As well as the following sichos:

Ki Teitzei 5741, Ki Teitzei 5745, Nitzavim-Veyeilech 5746, Ki Savo 5747, Nitzavim-Veyeilech 5747, Ki Teitzei 5749.