A Lubavitcher Bochur who has not put on Tefillin for a long time put on Rashis but doesn’t want to put on Rabbeinu Tam because he doesn’t plan on continuing. Is he right or is it better that he does it once in a while rather than never?


In my opinion:

If every time he agrees to put on Tefillin he is going to be pressured to also put on Rabeinu Tam, he may not agree so fast to put on Tefillin anymore. So it’s up to you to play it smart and know when to offer Rabeinu Tam and when to refrain from it.

It should also be noted that the Rebbe did not include Rabeinu Tam in Mivtza Tefillin. Rabeinu Tam is more the person’s own responsibility towards himself, versus Mivtzoim where we have a responsibility towards others as well.

Additionally, it should be noted that, when the Rebbe instructed all men to put on Rabeinu Tam from Bar Mitzva, it was with a stipulation that the person owns a pair, so that he will be able to wear them every day, implying that Rabeinu Tam should not be worn only once in a while.



כלל גדול שתפסת מרובה לא תפסת.

וע״פ דין אין חובה להניח ר״ת. וכלשון אדה”ז בסידורו הל’ תפילין: כל אשר נגע יראת אלקים בלבו יניח תפילין דר”ת. אבל לאידך נתבאר בארוכה בשיחת פורים תשל”ו שבימינו נכון לכאו״א להניח. ושם, שכדי שלא ליכשל באי הנחתן, כדאי ונכון שלכ”א יהיה תפילין דר”ת משלו.

ולהעיר משיחת מוצאי ש״פ וארא תשל״ט בסוף ההתועדות.