Is it permissible to play Gaga (etc.) in the camp Shul?



In many camps they use the Shul for playing Gaga or dodgeball, or playing a video to entertain the children on a rain day or just to have fun on a late night, is that okay?

I remember learning that there are different steps we take just to respect a synagogue, is this practice okay?

Does it matter if it’s a rain day? Does it matter if it’s a video or a game of dodgeball? And does it help if we cover the Aron kodash?



A shul is a holy place and should be treated as such, with no frivolous activities. The details and parameters should be discussed with a Rov by the camp directors.



שגם בהתנה אסור לעשות תשמיש מבוזה או שחוק וק״ר. וגם את״ל שה״ז בגדר אולם כללי ולא ביהכ״נ – ראה יתירה מזו בלבוש קנא, א גם בנוגע ליחיד שקבע מדרש בביתו. משנ״ב שם בבה״ל ד״ה להשתמש.