Is the pop up Sukkah kosher?


Not all pop-up sukkahs are made the same. Here are some points to assure when using one:

  • In general, it is inadvisable to use canvas even for one of the walls and even if it is firmly secured, because the center sometimes moves back and forth in the wind even while tied, and because the ropes sometimes loosen without anyone noticing and then the sukkah walls are no longer considered to be strong enough to withstand an ordinary gust of wind, as required by halachah.
    Therefore, a sukkah using canvas or sheets should have bamboo sticks or beams placed horizontally along the walls for the first ten hand-breadths from the ground, with a space of less than three hand-breadths between each beam. As a first recourse, these beams should be set up on all four sides of the sukkah. Some Sukkahs are equipped with such poles.
  • The sukkah itself must be strong enough to withstand the normal wind. As such, a pop-up sukkah which is lightweight should be secured well.
  • Make certain that the s’chach is placed in such a manner that it is able to withstand ordinary gusts of wind throughout the entire festival of Sukkos. This is of particular concern when using a bamboo mat for s’chach. (If using mats, ensure that they are kosher for s’chach).
  • One may not open or close the sukkah on Shabbos or yom tov. The same applies to the schach which cannot be placed on Shabbos or yom tov.