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Mezuzah on Sukkah walls that were left up



We didn’t take our Sukkah walls down this year (at first it was just delayed, then we decided there was no need), and I wanted to know if the entrance way requires a Mezuzah.

The Sukkah is made up of the walls of our house, garage (including the door to the garage), a wall between our backyard and our neighbors, and the added Sukkah panels to enclose the area. There are also horizontal and vertical wooden beams to create a frame (including one across the entrance).



If there are 4 connected walls and the intent is to leave the Sukkah wall up one should affix a Mezuzah on the right side entry leading into the Sukkah structure without the reciting of a blessing.



The Shulchan Aruch (Yoreh Deah 286:14) writes that a room without a roof is exempt from Mezuzah. However many Rishonim including Tosfos to Menachos 33 hold that if the regular usage of the room is without a roof, then the entrance would still be obligated in Mezuzah. Therefore the Rosh also obligates a fenced courtyard in Mezuzah since the regular usage of a courtyard is without a roof. Additionally, if this is a courtyard leading into the house all agree that it would be obligated in Mitzvas Mezuzah.