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I had a pushka with me in the hospital when my wife gave birth and had all the nurses/hospital staff give tzedaka. One of the nurses, presumably not Jewish (she looked Asian) asked if she could say or think a prayer before giving tzedaka. Would this be allowed? What if she’s praying to A”Z?


According to halacha, one may not accept tzedaka from a non-Jew at all unless it’s needed urgently, and even then not openly.

One may accept tzedaka from them if it’s for a shul if he specifies that he is giving it leshem shomayim. If he gives it without saying anything, nowadays we assume it’s not for avoda zarah.

In this case, if she is praying to anything other than leshem shomayim it would be a problem to accept it even for a shul.



שו”ע יו”ד סי’ רנ”ד סע’ א-ב. סי’ רנ”ט ס”ד. ערוך השולחן רנ”ט סי”ד בנוגע לזמנינו. וראה בספר הלכה ברורה ח”ז סי’ קנ”ד סל”ז ובמצויין שם. ועיין עוד בשו”ת בצל החכמה ח”ג סי’ מ”א.




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