Covering the Paroches



Is there anything wrong to put the Paroches of an Aron Kodesh behind the wooden doors in front of the Sifrei Torah and put the names of the 10 mivtzoyim on the doors (made wooden letters)?



There are many purposes for the Paroches, some of which require it to be on the outside. Regardless, one may not change from the accepted custom in Klal Yisroel, especially regarding a Shul.

Some of the reasons:

  1. In order to divide between the Yidden (kodesh) and the Aron Kodesh (kodesh kodoshim).
  2. Similar to the coverings over the Keilim in the Mishkan.
  3. As Tznius.
  4. So that we do not gaze directly at the Aron Kodesh.



אג”ק ח”י ע’ פג (נמצא גם בשעהו”מ ח”א ע’ קצח). וראה בארוכה הנסמן בשו”ת יחו”ד ח”ו סי’ ט. וראה אצלנו בשאלה 590.