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Where should I light my Menorah? By the doorpost to our bedroom, or by one of the doorposts that are facing the dining room? 

Does the Menorah have to be directly in middle of the doorway (though it may block entry through it)? Can it be along the outside wall of the doorway?



The Baal Habayis should ideally light by the door to the dining room. Alternatively, he may light at the door of one of the main rooms if that would be a bigger Persumei Nissa.

It is the Chabad custom to position the menorah within the actual space of the doorway, alongside the width of its doorposts, and to place it on a somewhat lower object, such as a chair. If you wish, you can move the Menorah out of the doorway after the 50 minutes (required according to Chabad custom) has passed.

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