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1. My kids would like to listen to children music Cd’s with Kol Isha, is it Mutter for me to be present while the music is being played? 2. Isn’t the “Kol” an electronic one and therefore not Halachically the same?


1. You may not listen intentionally. If you can be there and totally not pay attention because you are concentrating on something else it is permissible.

Obviously, your older boys, over nine years old shouldn’t be listening either. (א)


2. There is a Machlokes Haposkim on this matter.

The Rebbe notes on this matter that while Halachically there is room for a discussion on this matter, all agree that it does not bring one to Yiras Shomayim. Therefore, says the Rebbe, if one conducts himself in a manner of piety (Milsa D’chasidusa) he would not even think of going to a Rov and ask him to find a Heter according to Halacha. (ב)



א) ראה עד״ז שו״ע אדה״ז עה, ו.

ב) שיחת שבת בלק תשד”מ.




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