When talking to children about Yidden being likened to a moon, can we feature a full moon? Stars? A sun when portraying a sunny day?


Any sunken or protruding image used to represent the sun, moon or stars is problematic. At least half of the sun/moon/star should not be drawn. Some are stringent even with an incomplete sun.

Many Poskim extended this prohibition to flat images as well.

There is room for leniency when the pictures are:

  • A) For education purposes and
  • B) are incomplete (better minority image), and
  • C) flat pictures.

(See Question 2 below)



Refer to Shulchan Aruch YD 141:4, Taz 13, Shach 25, Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 168:1, Darchei Teshuva 38,46, 51 Shevet Ha’Levi 7:134:7, Lehoros Nosson 3:44

Education purposes – See Shulchan Aruch Yoreh Deah 141:4 and Nekudos Hakesef  (on the Taz 13).

Non full image – Nekudos Hakesef ibid.

Flat images – See Darkei Moshe (141:5) in the name of the Maharam. However, most Poskim reject this leniency.

See also here.


Question 2:

I’ve heard that the Rebbe once drew a picture with the sun and moon?


Answer 2:

I personally doubt the veracity of such a Shmuah. In any event, we cannot base a Halacha on the basis of Shumuos, especially as the Rebbe told us on many occasions not to trust Shmuos about him. Even if it would be true, this could have been a real case of L’hislamed, allowing for such a drawing.
Since the parameters of L’hislamed aren’t clear, generally it is advisable not to rely on this Heter per se, especially in cases where the drawing isn’t critical to the Limmud.

See the references quoted in the previous reply.

See also Shevet Halevi 7:134:8. Minchas Yitzchok 10:72. Igros Moshe 5:9:6.

See here for further information.

Finally, I should point out that drawing half a sun is more lenient than half a moon, and many Poskim permit this.

As a side note, AFAIK, Hachai publications abides by similar guidelines in all their children’s books. It might be worthwhile to exchange ideas with them.

כן להעיר מהשמטה הכי בולטת בציור השער של השמועסן שיש כדור הארץ והשמים וכו׳ אבל אין ציור שמש וירח.

 וראה גם כאן.

כמו כן, כמדומה ברור שלא נמצא תמונת שמש וירח בדף השער של משיח טיימס שהוגהו כמ״פ על ידו. כן – ע״פ השמועה – הורה להוריד תמונת השמש וירח מסמל צבאות השם. וראה שיחות קודש תשמ״א א ע׳ 828. ויתכן ששם דובר בצורת חצי שמש. וכפי שעשו הפלקט הכונו לביאת המשיח.

או שכתב טעם המתקבל גם לצייר. אבל לא השמועה העיקר כנ״ל.

וראה גם בתשורה המצו”ב כאן עמוד 22, ובפשטות, ה״ט כיון שהוא להתלמד.