Can I use open internet without a filter, if someone receives the list of websites I visited?

I need to have open internet. I know the Rabbonim say that one must have a filter. I have heard that there is some type of filter where the internet is open just they send a list of websites you visited to someone you choose. I can’t seem to find this. Would you know what this program is called?



I am not sure why you believe you “need to have open Internet.” Perhaps you can explain your statement. As a general rule, virtually all the Rabbonim have ruled that is forbidden to have open Internet without a filter. If you sincerely believe that your situation is different, please explain.

As a separate issue, indeed there are monitoring or spying programs that monitor what you do on the Internet. These are highly recommended, in addition to a filter, unless circumstances mandate – with permission from a Rav – to use only those programs. Examples of such programs are: WebChaver, Truple, KBA, etc. It really depends on what type of computer or tablet we are talking about and the type of solution is needed for your circumstances. You could see some more details on the following website: