Can the husband be in the delivery room, especially if there is no doula present?



I am a doctor. I have seen from personal experience that people get better care if they are not alone in the hospital. Especially sometimes if the woman is alone during birth, she may be pressured to do a procedure to save a doctor or other provider time which is not necessary and can lead to negative health outcomes for herself or the newborn baby.



According to halacha, there are serious concerns with the husband being present in the delivery room. Even where a potential heter can be found, the Rebbe spoke strongly against this practice and stated that it is considered a breach of modesty. The Rebbe commented that at the time of birth one should seek out extra z’chusim and certainly not add in matters which are the opposite of z’chus.

That being said, if there is a concern of danger or if the woman is actually scared (and not just because she wants it or because others are doing it…)  and there is no one else to assist, you may help and do as she needs. You should preferably wear gloves to minimize contact and face the other direction.