Washing Negel Vasser Before Touching Food



My parents are not frum and help us cook and with the kids. Is there a hakpada in halacha to make them wash Negel Vasser before they serve us any food and feed my children, etc.? Especially based on today’s daily halacha that this creates a ruach ra and causes timtum halev, chas veshalom…



You should definitely try to have them wash Negel Vasser before touching food. Of course, this should be done in a pleasant manner without creating tension and friction.

If not possible to have them do so, or B’dieved, post facto, see here:

If cloths or food have been touched without doing Negel Vasser first, can they still be used?

As for feeding children such food, especially babies, if there is no other food, even those who are stringent would agree that one may be lenient. However, it’s recommended if at all possible to arrange other food for the baby, if it’s not at the expense of the baby’s welfare and doesn’t create unnecessary friction.



כבר האריכו בכ”מ להתיר בדיעבד, ושומר פתאים ה’, ובפרט שהרגילות היא לשטוף ידים תחת הכיור ומועיל קצת.