I am a really bad faster! What should I do on Tisha B’Av?



About Tisha B’Av – I am a really bad faster. I’m not nursing or pregnant, I have 6 kids Ka”h, my youngest is 3. Still, I could not make it through the fast on Shiva Asar B’Tammuz. I had to break my fast around 3:00 pm because I was extremely dizzy and weak with a major headache. What should I do on Tisha B’Av? I want to be able to fast but if I get sick is it worth fasting part of the day? At what point is it ok to break my fast? I usually feel guilty to break my fast so I try to keep fasting and then end up so weak that even after I break my fast, I still need to stay in bed while my husband watches the kids and fasts. I know this year is Nidche so it’s not as strict as other years.



If you are not well to the point that you must lie in bed, or extremely weak, you may break your fast.


חולה שאב״ס פטור מלהתענות – תקנד, ו. משנ״ב שם טז, וכש״כ בנדחה – שם יד.