What’s the smallest Shiur in ounces for the four cups of the Pesach Seder?


I understand that the first one is דאורייתא, so it’s probably more. But what about the last 3?



The following are the minimal amounts for the Seder:

• The cup must hold a Revi’is of wine (or diluted wine or grape juice, if necessary).

The size of a Revi’is according to R. Chaim Naeh is 86 milliliters, which is approximately 3 US fl oz1.

Generally speaking, for a Kos Shel Brocho, it is recommended to opt for a slightly larger cup – 100ml (3.4oz) or more – to account for other opinions, as well as for the wine spilled before drinking etc. See also here.

On the other hand, for the Seder specifically, there’s a custom to drink each of the four cups in one shot, so it’s advisable to choose a cup size that allows fulfilling this custom, avoiding excessively large cups.

• One must drink at least enough wine to fill one side of the cheek; this is a majority of a Revi’is. In other words, one must drink at least a majority of 3 ounces for each of the first 3 cups.

For the last cup, in order to recite the after blessing, one should drink an entire Revi’is. Alternatively, one may be yotzei the Bracha Acharona from someone else who drank a full Revi’is.

• In pressing situations, one may use Chamar Medina for the Arba Kosos. Examples of Chamar Medina are coffee or tea. (See more here).


See Shulchan Aruch Admur Hazaken 472:17-21; 27-29. 483:4.  See also here and the references in Hebrew.

P.S.: According to Halacha, Kiddush on Yom Tov is not considered דאורייתא (a biblical obligation), and the same applies to Shabbos if one has already davened Maariv.




  1. 86ml is about 2.91 US fluid ounces (or 3.026 UK fl oz). Nonetheless, the commonly adopted and convenient measurement of 3 oz is widely used in practice, given its rounded value and the availability of cups in this size.