Is it permissible (Halachically/Hashkaficlly) to take my kids to Walt Disney in Orlando?


It hard to say there is something Halachicly forbidden about this. However, it definitely is not something I would recommend.

The general atmosphere in theme parks are not in line with the chassidishe atmosphere, including the music, the shows, and the whole experience.

In Disney parks there are many characters from movies, and the parked is “themed” around the movies. I would definitely consider this to be inappropriate and uneducational. (Some characters are also non Kosher animals, such as Mickey Mouse.)

An additional but equally important point (particularly relevant for the summer time): theme parks is a place where there is a strong level of immodesty, regarding how people act and dress. This might actually be an halachic issue.

The following is what Rabbonei Chabad have stated on this matter (פסקי  דינים לבנות חב״ד):

Regarding a theme park: while it is quite inappropriate for boys to go to a place where the women dress in a non tznius manner, and it is not recommended for girls to go to a place where there are non-tznius men, a decision needs to be made on a case by case basis.

Being that it is a matter of standard, I would recommend to discuss this matter over with your personal Mashpia.