Is there an Inyan (source or Minhag Chassidim) to have a part of the Upshernish actually cut by the Ohel?


Question Continued:

I’ve heard of some who either go to the Ohel before the party and cut a little there, or go after the party and save some hair for there. I understand the concept of bringing the boy on his birthday to the Rebbe, but I’m asking specifically about the actual cutting of the hair.



This is a question of hergesh.

Many do the upsherenish at Rashbi in Meron, even if not on Lag B’omer1.

This might be the same idea.

Perhaps, it also stems from the fact that people who asked the Rebbe to cut some of the hair, based on the minhag yisroel to have a tzadik cut the hair2.

Likewise, there is a minhag to do an upsherenish in a shul, although some question this custom3.




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