Is there anything wrong with a picture of the two Luchos not touching each other?



I was once in a shul where the Luchos were divided. One on one side of the Aron and the other on the other side. A Lubavitcher Rov of the past generation (Rabbi Moshe Drazin) walked in and saw that, he made a protest and walked out. I am wondering what the source of that is.

Also, I have a logo with the Luchos and I am wondering if I should change it since they are not exactly straight and touching each other. Artistically the graphics person felt they would look more attractive on a slant.

Also at the top, the 2 Luchos are not touching. etc Is this a problem.



From the Talmud, it is clear that the Luchos were completely straight and square (6×6 tefachim). It is also clear that they were touching; their designated place was in the Aron and they would touch each other while in the Aron.

As per the Rebbe’s instructions, pictures of the Luchos for a logo are made with them touching together, presumably, this is deliberate.

It does not make a difference on what angle the Luchos are drawn out, as long as they are accurate.

(It’s difficult to comment on the incident mentioned as the details of the case are unclear).



Talmud Yerushalmi Shekalim 6:1; Talmud Bavli Bava Basra 14a

See also Sichos of Parshas Ki Sisa 5741.