What if I go into labor on Yom Kippur…



I’m due for a baby a couple days after Rosh Hashanah. I usually run late. If I go into labor on Yom Kippur what is allowed in regard to drinking/eating, showering, or anything else to ease that time?

A. Once active labor has begun you should drink regularly – not small amounts at a time (Shiurim) – to ensure you have enough fluid in your body. Discuss with your doctor whether eating is recommended.

Active labor is defined when contractions are regular and less than five minutes apart, you feel you cannot walk, ready to push, or the water has broken.

Showering is also permitted at this stage.


Q. Also, sometimes there is false labor, or labor-like contractions that might be brought from dehydration, or just nearing labor. It’s not always definite to know that labor has actually begun even with these. How do I go about it?

A. Discuss with the doctor how to determine whether it’s real labor or not.

Additionally, it’s important to ensure before the fast that you are fully hydrated.