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Can a woman jog in a public place? At night? What about running, when in a rush?


A. May a woman go jogging in a public place (i.e Eastern Pkwy) during the day?
B. Does this differ from jogging at night (when there are fewer people around)?
C. If a woman needs to get somewhere quickly, is it permissible to run during the day? Night?


It would be appropriate not to go jogging in a public area, for running draws attention to oneself which is the opposite of Tznius. 1 Jogging in a private area or at night (in places where the streets are basically empty) should be fine provided that it is safe to be jogging in those areas during those times.



#566 (2)

  1. See Shu’t Shevat Halevi 10 Page 29-30 who forbids riding a bike in public and seemingly the same would apply here.

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