Can I sell a Mezuzah to a non-Jew?



I live in Ukraine and I recently came across a very influential criminal Ben Noach who is expressing a lot of interest in Judaism and is giving serious financial support to the local mosdos. Due to his vast connections and control in the Ukrainian government, as well as his methods of conducting business, there is a credible fear of him retaliating with violence if people do not do what he wants. Is it permitted to provide him with Mezuzos if he wants to have them on his houses, and is it ok to hang the Mezuzos for him without a Bracha? Please let me know if any additional details about the situation are needed.



You may not sell or give a mezuzah to a non-Jew even if they promise to honor the mezuzah. (Rema Yoreh Deah 291:2). Only if there is a concern that by refusing to sell the mezuzah it could cause animosity and potential danger one may sell a mezuzah to a non-Jew.

Even if you were to sell him mezuzos, it is proper to refrain from affixing them on his doorways. However if the concern of not providing full services to this non-Jew, real potential danger could result R”L, one may be lenient. However, this matter needs to be determined by a local Rav in Ukraine who truly understands the situation better.