Shidduch with Children of Ba’alei Teshuvah



Is there any issue in looking into a Shidduch of an individual whose parents are Ba’alei Teshuvah, meaning the grandparents of the individual didn’t keep Taharas Hamishpocho, and is there any Chumrah not to marry such an individual?



There are pros and cons to every situation. I have a bit of a bias in this matter as my grandfathers married into such families: one married the daughter of a thief, one the daughter of a murderer. I’m referring to Yitzchok and Yaakov Avinu.

Regarding the issue of Taharas Hamishpacha, there is indeed a Pegam with a child of a Niddah. However, one shouldn’t push away such a Shidduch nowadays, especially when there is no clear knowledge of not keeping Taharas Hamishpacha.

Certainly, if the prospective candidate exhibits fine traits, one should prefer such a Shidduch.

Of course, one must ascertain that matters of Yichus are in order, i.e. the candidate is Jewish. There is usually no reason to have concerns of Mamazeirus Chas Vesholom.

When marrying a Kohen there are other issues we need to contend with.

See also #564



אה״ע ד, יג. ראה אג״ק י ע׳ לא. יח ע׳ תנב. ועד״ז בשו״ת אג״מ אה״ע ד, יד. שם כג, ג. שם שם יו״ד ד, יז.

ולהעיר בעניננו שהתשובה מועילה על העבר –  אג״ק כג ע׳ שעה. טו ע׳ תלג.

ולהעיר גם מלקו״ש יג ע׳ 261.

ממזרות – משנ״ה ז, ריד.

וראה הנסמן בס׳ מרכבות ארגמן א, כח. ובארוכה – ללקוט שושנים ד, ח. שהביא כל המובא בית השם בנידון.