Is it true that one must wear a hat and jacket (and gartel if married) for Krias Shema al Hamita? What about HaMapil, after which we’re not meant to do anything–won’t we need to remove and hang up our suit jacket, pants, hat, etc.?


It was the Minhag of many elder Chassidim to say Krias Shema while wearing a hat and jacket as well as a Gartel. However it’s not a halachic requirement, rather it helps one focus better and have proper Kavanah while saying Krias Shena.

The Brochoh of Hamapil should be said while already in bed (obviously while dressed appropriately to say Hashem’s name).


ראה במכתב הה״מ ונדפס בהתמים ב ע׳ שלב (663) ובמגיד דבריו ליעקב ע׳ תקפ. ולהעיר שהוא וידוי בזעיר אנפין. וראה סדר קריאת שמע על המיטה (גינזבורג) ע’ 6 ס”ק ו והע’ 7.

המפיל – קצשו”ע סי’ ע”א סעי’ ד.