Can we hold our weekly Pirkei Avos Shiur on Shabbos Tisha B’Av? What can be studied?



Each week the women of our community gather for a class on Shabbos Afternoon. On Shabbos Tisha B’Av it is my turn to host. What are the rules as far as what we could do with our time? Can we learn Inyonei Moshiach and Geula? Is there anything we are NOT permitted to learn? Can we share stories, Divrei Hisorerus?



There are deferring opinions regarding Torah study on this Shabbos. After Chatzos it is proper to study only those topics that are permitted on Tisha B’Av. If this is a regular occurrence every Shabbos, one may have a Farbrengen or public shiur on this Shabbos, on any topic.

Alternatively, you can discuss stories of Tzadikim that bring one to serve Hashem better.



התוועדות ושיעור ברבים – כ”ה בהתוועדות דש”פ דברים, ת”ב נדחה, תשכ”ה. וראה גם בשיחת ת”ב נדחה תשמ”ח במעלת הלימוד בפרהסיא בכיו״ב. וראה ביומן הרריל״ג שי׳ דשנה הנ״ל.

סיפורי חסידים – מאירי מועד קטן כא א, הובא בשו”ת יבי”א ח”ג יו”ד סי’ כו.