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Do i need to check my jacket and my Kapote for Shatnez?


Full questions:

Is their room to be lenient and not need to check a jacket that has no wool or linen stated on the tag, and most of the time I’ve ever check any jacket, it was Shatnez free?

Is there room to be lenient and not need to check my Kapotah that the merchant stated: “no one ever stated to have found shatnez in my Kaptotahs”?



About the jacket- I would recommend to check, because many times there is a problem with the stitching and the stuffing.

About the Kapotah- you must check each Kapotah individually.

Stories have shown that in some cases there was Shatnez even when the merchant said there isn’t, because it changes from cloth to cloth.


For more details, you can look under the “shatnez” category on our website.





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