Can my business run on Purim day?


Work-related activity should be avoided on Purim, and our Sages warn that someone who works will not see any blessing in it.

Having a non-Jew do the work is permissible.

Small tasks that don’t take time are permitted (like laundry in a machine), but we should take care not to be distracted from the simcha of the day. If it’s for the sake of Purim, then even major work may be done throughout the day.

Business matters are permitted because they bring simcha, but care should be taken not to get distracted from the simcha of Purim. There are some who have the practice of being stringent with doing business unless it’s for the purpose of earning money for the Purim meal.

Similarly, taking a haircut — since it’s for the sake of Purim and it leads to simcha, there is room for leniency.