Matanos Levyoinim and Machatzis MaShekel for Women and Kids


Hi, I’m a single mother and I have some Purim questions:


How much do I give for Matanos Levyoinim and Machatzis MaShekel? 

Matonos levyonim- min. a Shave Peruta – approximately 5 cents to two poor people. it is proper to add more money.
Machatzis Hashekel- 3 half dollars ($1.50) in the US.


Do I give for myself? 

▪ Woman are obligated in giving Matonos Le’evyonim.
▪ Woman are not obligated in giving Machatzis Hashekel. However, some have a custom of giving. if one has started this custom it is considered as a vow and they have to continue.


Do I give for all my children, also? Or just my little one who is almost 6 and my older ones have to do this themselves?

Matonos Le’evyonim – Children, even if it is unclear whether they have reached the age of chinuch, are obligated to give Matanos L’evyonim. It is proper that they should give it personally and not rely on their parent.

Machatzis Hashekel – the obligation starts from the age of 20 or according to some 13. Some have the custom to give on behalf of their small children. Once one begins giving for a child, they must give every  year until the child becomes responsible to give on his own, unless he explicitly makes a condition the first time that that they are not accepting it upon themselves as a vow.

The Rebbe encouraged that children should give Machatzis Hashekel from the Money that was allotted to them (their own money).