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Are there clothing colors that women are not allowed to wear according to halacha? (Red, white, etc.) 


A garment which is all red or majority red is forbidden for a woman to wear since this color portrays a feeling of “Pritzus” (free-ness or promiscuity) and it brings to sin. By wearing this color, one transgresses on the Torah prohibition “one shall not go in the statutes of the goyim” for this is how the goyishe officers and women would dress. [1] Shavet Halevi (6:24, 2) explains that all clothes that the color stands out in particular with bright or strong colors where the intention is to attract men to pay notice to them – this is not tznius to wear and it should not be worn.

It goes without saying that it is not only the color of the garment which decides if it is tznius or not but also the style and fit of the garment.



[1] Rema (Yoreh Deah 178:1) in the name of the Maharik. See also the Shach 178:3, who mentions that the color black is Tznius and brings nullification to the Yetzer. (Of course only if the garment is also Tznius in nature.)



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