Are women allowed to be in the public’s eye? As in: social media star, make videos for the public men and women’s eye, etc. 


This is not fitting with the rules of Tznius. Even if a woman will dress and speak in a Tznius way, nonetheless there is the concern that a woman taking a public eye brings bad thoughts to men. [1] This conduct is forbidden as it says, “One shall not place a stumbling block in front of the blind.” [2]

As a general principle, the Torah tells us that the beauty of women is when she is “Pnimah” – inward, not out in the limelight. The aim of a Jewish woman is to seek to be “Pnimah”, and not to look to be in the public eye.



[1] See Kesubos 46a; Shulchan Aruch (Even Haezer 23:3) where it warns a person not to bring himself to improper thoughts.

[2] See Vayikra 19:14.



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