Traveling over a bridge to go to/from a hospital on Yom Tov



B”h my wife is due around yom tov. Her doctor is based out of a hospital in Staten Island. Can we go there from Crown Heights on Shabbos/Yom tov even though we cross a bridge (techum) or is it necessary to go to a hospital in Brooklyn where we don’t know which doctor will be assigned by the hospital?

If yes, can whoever accompanies her travel back to CH after the birth (this is especially necessary if birth occurs on the first day of Yom tov or Friday night as it would be difficult to have someone or even accompany her myself if we can’t return).



She may go to her hospital when she has a doctor which she knows. She should only take along necessary things. It is advisable to make all her items – and items of whoever is accompanying her –  Hefker to mitigate the issue.

Whoever is accompanying her may not return home.



ל״ש התירו סופו כשהוא רק ליתובי. וגם בד״כ לא ימנע בתחילתו בשביל זה – ראה עד״ז בה״ל תקכו ד״ה וחוזרין. שו״ת קנין תורה ד, לט. וגם לא כל האיסורים הותרו מה״ט – ראה הר צבי ב, י.

ובמקום צורך גדול יש לצדד ע״י גוי שלאדה״ז הוא רק דרבנן.