How can I reach 100 Brachos on Tisha B’Av?



I will not be attending Minyan, is there a way I can reach 100 Brochos?



Following is a list of Brachos a married man will make on Tisha B’Av* when not davening with a Minyan:

  • 4 shema at maariv
  • 19 amidah of maariv
  • 1 borei meorei haesh (*when Tisha beav is on Motzaei Shabbos)
  • 1 hamapil
  • 17 birchos hashachar (no sheasa li kol tsorki)
  • 3 birchos hatorah
  • 2 baruch sheamar and yishtabach
  • 3 shema at shacharis
  • 19 amidah of shacharis
  • 2 talis and tefillin
  • 19 amidah of mincha

Total is 90 Brachos.

The other 10 Brachos are usually accomplished through hearing and answering Amen to the Brachos of the Keriah and Haftarah of both Shacharis and Mincha (which are a total of 20 Brachos), and even to the Chazaras Hashatz (which, because of the separate Bracha of Aneinu recited by the Chazan on a fast day, make up a total of 40 Brachos). (See more here.)

This especially applies to Tisha B’Av, when we do not smell spices (as opposed to on Yom Kippur) – and thus cannot make the Bracha of Besamim – since there are opinions that state it is forbidden.

Subsequently, when davening without a Minyan, the only solution seems to be having to say Asher Yatzar at least 10 times.

Additionally, if saying the Birchas Hamazon (Brachos) of the Seudah Hamafsekes after Shkiah, it may perhaps count as part of the 100 Brachos of Tisha B’Av, thus lowering the number of Asher Yatzar needed to 6.