Can one serve Milchigs for the Purim Seuda?



In light with the Rov’s message about the early Purim Seudah as Purim is Erev Shabbos – can one be Yoitze with Milchigs?

When is the best time to make the Seudas Purim when Purim falls out on Friday?

Asking for Anash and also for a Chabad House – let’s say we’d like to do in our Chabad House a Bagel & Lox breakfast following Megillah so people can have a Seudah when they come for Megillah.



Strictly speaking, yes. But preferably, meat should be served at the Purim seudah, even when it falls on Erev Shabbos. Indeed, there are opinions that one must eat meat.
Also, the minhag is to eat kreplach at the seudah.

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ראה בהנס’ בשו”ת באתרא דרב פורים ח”א סי’ כג, ושם הובא משיחת פורים תשמ”ח (ע”פ סרט הקלטה): דוקא פארבונדען כמנהג ישראל מיט אכילת בשר, און אויכעט אכילת לחם ווי דער מנהג איז. וראה גם שם אודות אם צ”ל בשר בהמה דוקא או לא.