When may we sing Daled Bavos


When may we sing Daled Bavos?

The following is a list of days and special occasions where it is either recorded that the Niggun Daled Bavos can/should be sung, or that it was sung (some of these occasions it happened very rarely, or only one time) by the Rebbe’s farbrengens (most of them as per the Rebbe’s instructions).

Additionally, the Rebbe writes in a letter that it can be sung at a Farbrengen, depending on the personal Hergesh (feeling) of the participants, such as it was done at the end of the Farbrengens of Yud Beis Tammuz. And that it is hard to determinate with proofs against it from case to case etc.

Special Days:

• From Rosh Chodesh Elul until (and including) Simchas Torah [especially: during the week(s) of Selichos; on Rosh Hashanah; on Simchas Torah; and during the Yomei Depagra during this period]

• Chof Marcheshvan

• Tes Kislev

• Yud Tes Kislev

• Zos Chanukah

• Chof Daled Teves

• Yud Shevat

• Chamisha Assar Bishvat

• Zayin Adar

• Purim Katan

• Purim

• Yud Alef Nissan

• Yud Gimmel Nissan

• Leil Haseder

• Acharon Shel Pesach

• Beis Iyar

• Pesach Sheini

• Lag Baomer

• Leil Erev Shavuos

• [Second day of] Shavuos

• Yud Beis Sivan

• Yud Beis / Yud Gimmel Tamuz

• Chamisha Assar Beav

• Chof Menachem Av

(See more in the Hebrew sources).


Special Occasions:

• Bris Milah

• Bar Mitzvah

• Seudas Vort (Shidduchim) [See more in the Hebrew sources]

• Seudas T’naim

• Chuppah (starting from Badekenish)

• Wedding

• Seudas Sheva Brachos

• Farbrengen in celebration of a Siyum/Hachnosas Sefer Torah

• Birchas Hachama



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אג״ק (אדמו״ר הריי״ץ) ג ע׳ שפב. אג״ק טז ע׳ רכב.

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