Frequently Asked Shaimos Questions:


Do I have to put unused and unread Mivtzoim pamphlets into Shaimos?


Please see the links below: articles #334, #84, #205


Can I put N’shei chabad magazines into the recycling, or does it have to go into Shaimos? 

As well as the link provided there.


Some other examples are:

Stories for kids that bring out a lesson (but not always so clearly), or stories of Tzadikim – don’t need to be put in Shaimos unless it’s Torah stories Or explain a Halacha or Torah thought.

Pictures that depict scenes from the Parsha – no. Unless it contains captions.

Class newsletters that contain some points from the Parsha that they learned about in school (as part of what they did this week) – yes.

Hachayol magazine, some pages containing (a) a storyline somewhat bringing out a point of a Sichah, (b) explaining background behind a Niggun, (c) an adaptation of a story based on Sefer Hazichronos– yes. Most are from Torah sources the other pages can be separated and discarded.

Crown Edition that has a few pages of Divrei Torah / stories. – it should be separated and put in Shaimos, the rest may be discarded.

Calendars (Jewish Art Calendar etc.) – some have Halachos they should be removed and put in Shaimos. The rest may be discarded.

Holiday guides. – yes.

In general, publications that contain pictures of the Rebbe – Halachicaly it’s not necessary, however many Chassidim are careful to place in Shaimos.