Questions About Stocks



What is the Rebbe’s opinion on stocks, like mutual funds?

Is there an issue of Ribbis in that?

(How about when the money is being invested by a family friend who does this for a living, so there is not דאגות since it’s being done through someone else).

Please advise.



In general, the Rebbe was not in favor of investing in stocks. See here.

See also Igros Kodesh vol. 16 pg. 293. vol. 19 pg. 232. Vol. 22 pg. 245.

It seems that if you are not involved in the investment and someone else is investing on your behalf as present or the like, there would not be a problem.

There would not be a problem of Ribbis unless the company is Jewish. See here for more details:

What is the Chabad position on purchasing State of Israel Bonds?

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ריבית – ראה גם לקו”ש חכ”ד ע’ 455.