Can I make a Sukkah with walls that are just 10 Tefachim tall and the Schach will be a few feet higher?



If I have walls of a Sukkah that are just above 10 Tefachim- (there’s a big gap from them until the Scach) – how much of a gap is allowed to be from the top of the wall to the scach on top of the walls?



If the walls are at least 10 Tefachim high, there can be an unlimited space between the top of the walls and the Schach, provided that:

  1. The walls are lined directly under the Schach or at least within 3 Tefachim of it; and
  2. This Schach right above the walls is a Kosher Schach.

Additionally, the walls cannot be erected 3 Tefachim or more from the ground, and, of course, the height of the Sukkah cannot exceed 20 Amos.



שו״ע או״ח תרל ט, תרלג א. משנ״ב תרלב ד.