Kaparos is quite expensive. Is it just as good if all the females use the same one chicken?



Is it better for each of us to do our own chicken by Kaparos, or is it just as good to do one rooster for all the males and one chicken for all the females? It is quite expensive if not really necessary.



Ideally, one chicken per family member should be taken. And this is the Chabad custom.

If, however, one is unable to afford doing so, then one male rooster and one female chicken are sufficient to be used for all the male and female members of one’s household, respectively. Also, if the mosad arranging kaporos charges beyond the regular market value for the chickens (including price for shechita etc.), one may use maaser funds to pay for the difference.



אדה”ז בסידורו. וראה שוע”ר סי’ תר”ה ס”ג. מט”א שם ב, משנ”ב ג.

דמי מעשר – משנ”ב ו. אשרי האיש ג, יז, יג.

וגם עבור ההידור דעוף לכאו״א – אינו יכול להשתמש מדמי מעשר, כיון שבאופן זה אין בזה כפרה.