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Sleeping on a bunk bed and Negel Vasser


If someone sleeps on the top bunk bed, how should he go about washing negel vasser in the morning? Can he wash after he takes the few steps to go down? Or someone has to bring the negel vasser up to his bed?


You may place it right next to the ladder and wash without walking 4 Amos on the floor.

Of course, the best thing would be to affix a plank of wood or something else to the top bed and put the negal vasser on it. If that’s not possible, you can always ask someone pass you neggel vasser.

However, if there’s no one around, there is no need to wait; do as above.



שו”ע ס”א ס”ז.

א”א מבוטשאטש ס’ ד – שלא להציג רגליו על הארץ.

שו”ת חלקת יעקב ח”ג סי’ קנ”ב לענין הישן על מיטת קומותיים שמותר לרדת.  ופשוט דאם אפשר בלי לרדת מה טוב.




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