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We recently bought a 100 cup urn for our Chabad House. It only has an on/off switch. Can we use it on Shabbos?

It depends.

If it has a thermostat, then it needs a Hechsher.

If it doesn’t have a thermostat, then it is okay to use, but the water has to be fully cooked before Shabbos.

Regarding using urns which have a gauge indicating how much water there is – see here.



ראה שו”ת מנח”י ח”ה סימן צא שאוסר עם טרמוסטט. וראה שש”כ פ”א ס”מ שמיקל. וראה שבת כהלכה פרקש חלק א פ”ו בציונים אות ד מה ששואל על שש”כ.

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