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On my Mivtzoim route someone goes home from work after Shabbos starts. Should I give him Shabbos candles to light at work? 


You should not give him candles to light at work. If he is married, you should instead encourage his wife to light in the home before sunset.



There are 3 reasons brought down why we light Shabbos candles: 1) Kavod Shabbos, (honor of Shabbos), 2) Oneg Shabbos (delight of Shabbos) 3) Shalom Bayis (peace in the home so one will not trip in the dark).

All three reasons do not apply, even If one is planning to stay in the workplace after the commencement of Shabbos, since one does not plan to stay there for Shabbos with one’s family. (This is besides the fact that they should not be at work on Shabbos).

See Shulchan Aruch Admur Hazaken (Orach Chayim 263:6.236)


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