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May I eat or drink before hearing Megillah, once the fast is over. since I am helping Shluchim, and they may wait a while before reading the Megillah after the fast is over?


We should not eat a meal before Megillah reading, even for those who find fasting difficult. If there is a great need, there is room for leniency for snacking (eating fruits and vegetables and drinking non-intoxicating drinks or even Mezonos if it is less than a Kebeitzah ).

If an individual is weak and waiting to eat can harm him —and a snack is insufficient— eating is permissible. But it is important, in such a case to appoint someone to remind them to hear the Megillah.

A woman who is fasting, and is waiting to hear the Megillah reading from her husband when he returns from Shul, may be lenient with snacking, as above.


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