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Can you please explain the halachos of sheimos?



What kind of papers need to be put in geniza and what kind of papers just need to wrapped before throwing out?



Please see Halacha2Go #334, #84, and #205.

See also here:

Can I put N’shei chabad magazines into the recycling, or does it have to go into Shaimos? 


Some other examples are:

Stories for kids that bring out a lesson (but not always so clearly), or stories of Tzadikim – don’t need to be put in Shaimos unless it’s Torah stories Or explain a Halacha or Torah thought.

Pictures that depict scenes from the parsha – no. Unless it contains captions.

Class newsletters that contain some points from the parsha that they learned about in school (as part of what they did this week) – yes.

Hachayol magazine, some pages containing (a) a story line somewhat bringing out a point of a sichah, (b) explaining background behind a nigun, (c) an adaptation of a story based on Sefer Hazichronos. – yes. Most are from Torah sources the other pages can be separated and discarded.

Crown Edition that has a few pages of divrei torah / stories. – it should be separated and put in Shaimos, the rest may be discarded.

Calendars (Jewish Art Calendar, or Oholei Torah calendar) – some have Halachos they should be removed and put in Shaimos. The rest may be discarded.

Holiday guides. – yes.

In general, publications that contain pictures of the Rebbe – Halachicaly it’s not necessary, however many chassidim are careful to place in Shaimos.




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